The Family Recipe

Family History of the Homemade Lemon Pound Cake

A Family Recipe since 1945

Margaret Elaine Gladney

The recipe for my homemade lemon pound cake has been in my family since 1945. It has been a delightful smash to the taste buds from the time it was introduced into our family by my mother, Mrs. Margaret S. Gladney. Mother started baking pound cakes as a teenager at the age of nineteen in 1945. She would cook the cakes for the annual church revival at New Goshen United Methodist Church, our family church in Greensboro, North Carolina. Everyone loved her pound cakes and there was never enough to go around because the cake would disappear the minute it was placed on the table among the other desserts. My mother was well known for baking the best pound cake in town. Mother is now eighty-four years-old and no longer bakes cakes.

The secret family recipe of the homemade pound cake was handed down to me, the youngest of thirteen siblings. I was given the name Margaret after my mother because honestly she had ran out of names when I was born. In the bed next to my mother, a lady asked to give me then name Elaine, as they lay in the hospital ward.

As a young girl, always the last to finish eating at the dinner table, I would be asked to help prepare for dessert…homemade lemon pound cake. I would sit the ingredients out on the counter for her and as I watched, she would make the batter. Childhood memories of the aroma from the pound cake baking in the oven would always awake everyone in the house. We, as children, would come running into the kitchen and mother would always say, “Walk easy; don’t shake the oven or the cake will fall.” Tiptoeing through the kitchen, we would look through the glass window of the oven door and watch as the beautiful brown cake rose. The aroma would make our stomachs growl…we could not wait to eat the cake. When the cake finally came out of the oven and was placed on a rack to cool, my siblings and I would always ask for the cake pan in hopes of seizing a crumb that may have stuck to the bottom or the side of it. I remember my brothers and I used to pout and wait around just to lick the mixing bowl and the beaters. Most of the time, we had to wait until the church revival dinner to eat the cakes. Mother would not cut them until they were ready to be served at the church.

Sweet Success

As a teenager I, like my mother, began to bake pound cakes and I later decided to take the family recipe of homemade pound cakes to the next level. My pound cakes were in such high demand that I established a sweet shop and named it after myself and my mother. It is located in downtown Greensboro, North Carolina.

The Sweet Shop:

Homemade Pound Cakes by

Margaret Elaine Designs

631 South Elm Street, Suite A

Greensboro, NC 27401

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Hello world!

This is my very first blog post and I am very excited to share my insights, experiences and advice with you all! Check out my website for my new project, The Sweet Shop at

Thanks and stay ‘sweet’!

~Margaret Elaine

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